St. Barnabas kids exists to develop disciples, cultivate community and partner with parents.

0-2 years
9am & 11am: Nursery

Kids will be introduced to Jesus through guided play, Bible story time and engaging music in a safe and loving environment.  Our volunteers focus on building safe and loving relationships with kids.

3-6 years
9am: Kids' Ministry Room
11am: Nursery

Kids will be introduced to Jesus through guided play, Bible story time, engaging music and lesson-related activities in a safe and loving environment.

1st-5th grade
9am: Canterbury House

Kids will build a foundation of Christian faith through fun and engaging games and activities, Bible stories and discussion.  

Kids' Church kids will be brought to their parents/designated grownups in the Sanctuary during the Peace.

Check-In/Out Procedures

For your children's safety, please make sure to check your kids in at the  Check-In Desk.  
For Nursery & Preschool kids, you will be given a security badge that matches your child's.  Take a photo of it and give it to whoever will be picking up your child at the end of the service.  The security badge is  REQUIRED to pick up your child.

This Month:

Why be like everyone else when we can be wacky, backward, and weird? We can try to blend in and be like

everyone else, or we can stand up and stand out. After all, that’s what Jesus did! When Jesus showed up,

His whole life seemed not-so-normal to most people. From His childhood to His early ministry, it was clear

from the beginning that Jesus wasn’t like most people. In this 4-week series, kid will examine the early life

and ministry of Jesus as they discover that Jesus is not normal, that Jesus is God, that Jesus is perfect,

and that Jesus invites us to be not-so-normal along with Him.


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