Kids age 6 and under will have a great time with lessons and activities in the nursery.

For your children's safety, please make sure to check your kids in on the 

Check-In computer, and be prepared to show ID to check your child out.

Kids' Church

Kids' Church is held for 1-5th graders every Sunday during the 9am
service in the Kids' Ministry Room.  

11am Kids' Church will be discontinued, except or special services, on 5/26/19.

For your children's safety, please make sure to check your kids in on the 

Check-In tablet, and be prepared to show ID if you check your child out 

before the Peace.

Children from Kids' Church will be brought to you in the Sanctuary during the


This Month:

Everyone loves a story about a big adventure, don’t they? The best stories are stories of life change, big dreams, dramatic rescues, and journeys to far-away places. Those adventure stories are even better when they’re true stories! In this 4-week series, we’ll follow the true story of the early church. Kids will imagine they are explorers and adventurers as they hear the stories of Saul’s conversion, Peter and Cornelius, Peter’s escape from prison, and Paul and Barnabas’ missionary travels. By the end of this series, kids will learn and remember that Jesus changes lives, Jesus loves everyone, Jesus gives us freedom, and Jesus helps us share His story.


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Register HERE

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