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6:00-7:30pm in Canterbury
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In 2018, I want to make sure our students are able to look around them and realize that what the world teaches isn't working. You don't have to look far to realize that there are a lot of things going on in our society that aren't going well. So, what do we do? We look to Jesus. 

In Matthew 5, Jesus begins the Sermon on the Mount. In the beginning of this sermon, He begins with a section called the Beatitudes, which basically means blessings. Seven times, Jesus says, "You're blessed if _________." What is strange is how He fills in the blanks. If we were to fill in that blank seven different ways, we'd almost certainly fill it in with things that we like and make us happy. "You're blessed if you have a lot of money. You're blessed if you have a good family. You're blessed if you have a good house to live in. You're blessed if you're popular." 

What Jesus fills those blanks in with are ideas that we might think are upside down. "You're blessed if you're poor in spirit. You're blessed if you mourn. You're blessed if you're persecuted for righteousness." Jesus displays for us that the world is upside down from the Kingdom of God. 

So, "Life Upside Down" is a series in which we examine what Jesus says makes us blessed and how the world has it upside down.