About Our Fees

We want to meet our clients wherever they are at. At the same time we are professionals and must charge for our services. The fees charged are determined based upon on a sliding scale and discussed with each client on an individual basis. Because we have part-time paid clerical staff we are able to charge the lowest possible fees for comparable services.

We ask that you pay for services when rendered or make arrangements with your counselor for payment.

We do not check your income tax returns as do other agencies because we believe that trust is an essential part of therapy.

If you have insurance benefits that cover counseling/therapy services and our therapists are currently providers for that insurance plan, we are required to collect the co-pay as outlined in your plan.

Support of Low-Income Households

We are a WVHA HealthCard Provider. This is a health care resource for low income families in Volusia County that can support your counseling fees. Please visit the WVHA website at https://westvolusiahospitalauthority.org to learn about this resource and to apply for a card.

Please contact the Counseling Center for more information.